iStripper Cosplay Girls

For people who wants to have fun, here is the “clothes” tutorial. (edit 11/11/14)

First note : KoPC game engine is kind of an evolutive mess.
So keep in mind I do my best, and the system will probably break & evolve from time to time, and that a lot of stuff don’t work at all, for now (like dresses or garterbelt), but could work one day, all is “work in progress”.
Be kind, be patient, be open.



1) Templates :
Download template file’ pack here :
You got 1 flash source file in it (template.fla, 108Ko) containing all stockings, underwears, external clothes and hair pieces necessary to build your own outfit contributions, already on girls and on sides of it.

2) Edit and draw :
Edit these flash files (with flash CS5.5 software or any flash-making software), and draw your clothes in place of existing clothes in the file, directly in corresponding symbols. It will appear on girls at the same time, allowing you to see if they fit or not.

What the file looks like inside.

What the file looks like inside.

3) More clothes/outfits :
Make a copy of the .fla template and re-edit it as many time as needed to make all your clothes ideas.
(you can always re-download it if you broke it too much)

4) Special rules :
Drawing rules uses common sense :
- if you want to draw 2 pants, you will have to make 2 copies of the template and edit them separately.
- if you want to draw a pant, a shirt and a stocking set, on contrary, you can do all those in one template directly, they don’t overwrite each other symbols, just use the same file.
- if what you draw looks horrible depending on the girl’s pose, that’s probably not a good idea.
- if what you want to draw need several additions/fixes to templates and don’t fit in existing engine, that will probably not be included.
- you don’t need to replace everything in the template : if your shirt have no sleeves or neck, don’t draw sleeves or neck. If your stocking stop at knees and don’t have gloves going with it, stop it at knees and don’t draw gloves.
- you can draw long sleeves for shirts if needed (it’s not in the template but it’s possible).
- templates are not similar to the game engine, they are 90% expurged versions of character engine, so keep in mind some stuff that could work in templates could not work well in final game.
- Taking CS5.5 .fla edited files only, because I got far too much work on my hand alas, and converting/adapting other kind of files are either too difficult or too time-consuming. As they are, those fla contributions already take me much time to implement into the engine, alas!

5) Results :
Send me the result .fla files directly at [email protected]
Like for scenarios or any suggestions, I don’t make any promises, but it’s easier for sure to include already drawned clothes than having to make everything myself, from scratch, upon a verbal suggestion !
So it just spare me times and increase drastically your chance to have your suggestions/contributions included in the game!

6) Miscellaenous
I can’t spend days or weeks to explain or discuss everything not mentionned in this quick tutorial : if in doubt, just try, draw, and send me the result, I will see by myself if that works or not, and edit this tutorial if something comes up.
As for scenarios, I will give you credit everytime I can, but do it for the beauty of having your stuff included or contributing to the game, don’t build some moral leverage out of your works to try to push or force me into anything (recognition of some kind or premium status or the hell I know what). It’s a bad habit on the web and that works really bad with me. ;)

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