Mattis Chastan's Sex Game Collection

King of Porn City : a big evolutive game !
King of Porn City Update : June 2014

You are the king of porn, and you try to conquer this city. Have sex with every girl in town and screw them hard! You got to creampie them all!

TIT serie : Teens in Trouble ! (collab with Crazy-X)
Daring girl Episode 1 : Daring girl, Rude lunch !

This cute teen that dared her friends she'd do a hardcore porn session with a mean pornstar! No turning back now, give her the fuck of her life!

The Sex Pit
The Sex Pit The Sex Pit

Go hunting for girls willing to fuck for money, then pimp out those sluts to the highest bidders!

YTPP serie : Young Teens getting Porn Pregnant
Mating with Emma Episode 3 : Mating with Emma
--> Latest game to date !
Famous movie star Emma hired the wrong kind of bodyguards ! Now she have to pay her protection with a very special shoot.
Jenny Live Episode 2 : Jenny's Live Rape
Young Teens getting Porn Pregnant continues. This time Jenny has sex live, with a webcam streaming it all online!
Teen Rebecca Episode 1 : Meeting Rebecca

Meet Teen Rebecca : hot college cheerleader forced to have sex to pay his dad's debts !

Latest News from Mattis' blog :

Platypus Stronginus
Posted on Tuesday June 03, 2014

Hi my beautiful ones ! Just a heads-up ! Physically ill and heartsick for a week, now, but YTPP 3 is still progressing ! Doing my best to progress, but not easy, lol, and I haven’t heard anything back from Crazy-X or my sponsor for future big projects, for now But I’ll keep you posted, as usual. Hope [...]

Peaceful sunday…
Posted on Sunday May 25, 2014

No real news, just to say. Working on YTPP 3, in progress… Crazy-X’s working on TiT2 artworks, in progress… Noted the KoPC bugs, but will fix them later on. Still working on some media expansion with sponsor for future games. Thinking about everything else on free time between all that Hope you’re doing well ? Also, do someone have a [...]

‘May KoPC be’, and KoPC was…
Posted on Sunday May 18, 2014

Hi, my beautiful people ! KoPC update of May is finally out ! (always lot of delay to be put online, I don’t know why…) Lots of stuff, lots of fun, you know the drill, so enjoy the news ! VARIOUS STUFF (but no real small cheese!) - New “naked” outfit condition, for girls as for main character. (see [...]

Brace your shelves, update is coming…
Posted on Sunday May 11, 2014

Hi my beautiful ones! Just to inform you I’m doing last work on next KoPC update! It doesn’t come up as quick as I would want it too, but it’s a matter of days, now. I try to finish up new locations, to pack up last good visible things before release, after working so hard on the engine. You [...]

Quickie quickie coco pops.
Posted on Tuesday May 06, 2014

Hi, my beautiful ones! Some infos to keep you posted, as usual! First : not a lot of feedbacks on latest game to date. Especially for Crazy-X. It’s his first game, it’s important, guys! Think about what couldn’t had happen, if I didn’t had some fun support on my very first game, lol ! No KoPC ! No YTPP [...]

New game out : Teens in Trouble, episode 1 !
Posted on Thursday May 01, 2014

Hi, my gorgeous hentai enjoyers! So, as announced, the new game is out!! A month ago one of you contact me to propose me some drawing help for KoPC. It happens from time to time : people propose help, and it’s most welcome! Problem is it’s often not followed or not “adequat” to “help” me, and would bring far [...]

It’s coming, it’s coming, uuughh!
Posted on Friday April 25, 2014

Hi, my beautiful ones! Quick note to keep you posted : next game is almost finished, should be out in a few days! It’s an attempt on teamworking with a wonderful guy, we both learned tons of stuff doing it, but I think it looks ultra nice, you will have fun with that After that, I [...]

New stuff coming up!
Posted on Saturday April 19, 2014

Hi my beautiful ones! So, let’s sums things up : The Sex Pit : given the passion it unleashed and the support it gathered also, I might get back on this project, in the future, to develop it some more. For now I got other stuff on my plate, so it will stays as it is or a [...]

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